Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In the days…

In the days of human slaughter
That quenched the monstrous
Hunger of the few
With the sweat, blood, and soul
Of the many
Innocents and children and humans

In the days of dog-eat-dog kingdom
Blessed by the nirvana kings
And the Vishnu worshippers
From lands around and far
To surround and annihilate
Traces of humanity

In the days of darkness
In the guiding light of liberal
Collateral damage and relief and camps
Come the fight of wild dogs
Clamoring and salivating at the bleeding wounds
Of the prey, preyed in collectivist vision

In the days of the future
Come to me a vision, clear and loud
Of humans rising beyond barbed wires
The hunger of the many for justice
Annihilating the few wild dogs in their sleep
With the dawn of a new world!

Ps: This poem was written in response to the 'outrage' in Sri Lanka which is so 'humanistically' covered by The Hindu, the paper that stood mute, and perhaps even endorsed' the inhuman war waged on the Sri Lankan Tamils! The first para talks about the civil war that was waged for almost 26 years, bemoaning the loss of an entire generation; it's childhood, security, etc.. The second para talks of the last part of the war, where the 'powers' (religious and political) joined hands in killing off the last few people standing..The third para talks of today, how the 'spoils or credit' of this bloody war is being 'split' by the powers..the final para talks of hope for a better future; however cliched it may sound, it doesn't sound hollow to me, though. )

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