Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Audacity of Grief

It slipped. 7 months. Too long to stay the grief it seems. She remembered the 7th thirteenth after 7 days of the passing away of the 7th born.

Try however hard, the grief refuses to stay the way it began; it seems to change shape the way smoke from a fire changes as it drags itself away from the source and mingles with the rest and become colorless, soulless.

With no one to pick the line on the other end, the phone rings and rings; and one day, it slips her hand.

A fire that singes only the heart and soul douses itself with no tear gas; and one day, even tears dry.

Crouching with just a pillow to my heart and stomach stifle I the ball of grief; lest it also slip away…

Monday, January 10, 2011


Within dark valleys
And between trees
Hide moments away-gone
Sequestered by thoughts
Of the rain, wind, and hills
Entombed in yours and my
Eyes, ears, and heart

Roving through flesh
And within skin
Trespass words untilled
Ploughed in by seeds
Of the past, present, and future
Nailed in yours and my
Destiny, fate, and mind

Creeping up the walls
And through crevices
Snake hope untold
Of the quiet true love
And the noisy quite love
Fastened in yours and my
Path, dreams, and tears

Destination Sikkim - Till we meet again

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