Monday, July 8, 2013

As I Mourn....

The ferocity of my unexpressed grief
shall one day
uncurl my balled fists
and get your throat
and rip that collar
of ruthless hegemony
fortified by layers of vacuousness
couched in systemic violence
that flows unabated
through your words
in your voice
spewing venom
setting my home on fire
splitting my skull
and splattering my soul
on your stealthy that love tracks
that mask your rottenness
your demonic innards
your incompetence
and the dark dark vacuum
called your heart!

That day shall
not just Elavarasan
but, Gokila
and the whole army of us
shall overthrow you
your bunch of lies
your poisoned breads
your rules of social behavior
your advice and counsel
and your justice!

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