Please don’t disturb; great mind at work

Sometimes, I wish I could hang that board around my neck or in a way that would tell the world not to mess around with me, especially when I am processing an important thought or trying to catch an intricate tune, not that I can reproduce the tune!

Ok, this post is basically about how people get irritated with some of my responses, especially when they startle me when all that they did was just a happy nudge or a warm hug!

Today, I was listening to the radio on my new, beautiful cell phone, and they were playing an old Illayaraja number (must have been a tame channel like Rainbow, for the tame and tepid souls like mine) as I got off the auto and my eyes beheld the beautiful clouds (shaped like two, smoky, pristine white monsters about to get into a cloudy fist fight) against a clear blue background, flood lighted by the sun! Can you guys feel the joy I would have experienced at that moment; the way my sense of being came alive with the miracle of the earth? Extending that moment blissfully, I trudged along, only to be brutally shaken out by a colleague! Well, she didn’t mean to be violent; she’s in fact one of the most soft, petite and pretty women in my office, who is also quite friendly with me (which is a rare combination; I steer clear of anybody who remotely looks pretty, fair, or the conventional sense; in any case, my friends are the most beautiful people on earth!).

Back to the episode: it was a brutal snuffing out of the moment, and understandably I was disoriented! And, I kind of collected my thoughts and tried to listen to what she was saying; nothing, just a hi and then she disappeared, because she had some work!

Heaving a helpless sigh at social etiquette, I trudged along, getting back to the song. And, in no time, I was lost in the ocean of music; how Illayaraja had knit one raga with another without any trace of a bump; a journey he had created to be enjoyed each time your mind and soul came together on that road. And, just when SPB was hitting a high note, my phone shrilled deep into my ears! It was a phone call…sigh! The world seemed committed to getting me out of my world! Well, and the world has the gall to call me an Attention Seeker, when the world wants my attention all the time!

Well…yet another morning…another bag full of goodies. :)


Faustus said…
I once read that... when people are in love, they will feel like they are in the center of the world and getting more attention than before!!!

Was it true in your case? :P
Happy heart said…
FAUTUS! I have been this way from the time I was 9! And, I couldn't have been in LOVE even then! And, for your KIND information, I am NOT in love; don't screw up my future chances!
Deepan Kannan said…
Well, you don't have to be really in love to feel this way, especially when you are listening to old Ilayaraja's songs. But really, what were you thinking about in that magical moment? Anyways, a nice observation about city's lovelessness. Welcome to Conservative and Class-conscious Chennai!
Happy heart said…
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Robin said…
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Jai said…
Oye. what is with you steering clear of fair, pretty people. You should stop by and put them down also ;-)
truthteller said…
hi hannah, just dropping by. I am often in that dreamlike state and have to deal with the same bump very often. I will never get used to it, I think.

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