Friday, March 19, 2010

My Fixation with Old Tamil Songs – 2

A few days ago, I received a small note on this old Tamil movie called aval appadithan (That's How She Is). It’s the story of a single woman, who, thanks to her life situations, chooses a different path. Well, by today’s standards, it’s not a very different one, but in the 1980s it must have hit a nerve and caused something of a storm!

I am yet to see the movie though, but from what I read about it in the wikipedia, I am totally impressed, and, well, floored too. The woman goes from one botched up relationship to another, becomes a man-hater, talks of women’s liberation, falls in love, loses the lover, baits a woman hater, teaches him a lesson, and looks at life in the face all over again. I plan to watch this movie very soon and perhaps write about it.

But today’s post is about a song in this movie, which talks of relationships, feelings, life, happiness and its pursuit, and a hope for better tomorrow. The song talks of how life is just a beautiful tapestry of relationships and how relationships are stories that never end. And, how feelings are short stories. How in the end of one story there might be the beginning of another one. Such hope…:)

Here are the lyrics (rather my poor translation of the original); if I am right, the song is sung by the guy in their good times together. It sure brought tears to my eyes…hope you guys also enjoy this lovely piece of hope served to us by great lyricists and composers (who are not made anymore!) of yesteryears.

Relationships are eternal stories; feelings are short stories
One story might end anytime;
A new one might start in the end
It’s just happiness from then on

The burden in your heart
Am here to take it away and bear your burden
The tears in the corners of your eyes
I know not why
Am here to change them
The misery may be gone
The mist may lift
I may join the white clouds in the new beauty

Relationships are eternal stories; feelings are short stories
One story might end anytime;
A new one might start in the end
It’s just joy from then on

Life is a song, the pitch grows higher
Each day in joy
All that you saw was misery
Now, it’s only happiness in the future
The comforting tune is just beginning
A new gush in the river
Empties itself into the ocean
Our relationship was just enjoined today
With the birth of happiness

Relationships are eternal stories; feelings are short stories
One story might end anytime;
A new one might start in the end
It’s just joy from then on

Here's the song, set to tune by the inmitable, musical genius, Illayaraja.


Anonymous said...

"Whew, finally a post without critcizing anyone, find fault, and complaining. Nice. Good start Miss.Hannah. Keep it up." :)

Deepan Kannan said...

Good translation! Aval Appadithan is a bold and courageous movie! Its a must watch. I love the movie for its boldness, that too at a time when most of the issues that are dealt in the movie were considered to be taboo. But again, even today, I dont think any director will come forward to take a movie with such bold theme in Tamil.

Anonymous said...

I'd like you to see Tamizh MA as well. A very dark and searing look at a man's inner world, in this case, a man who is frustrated by the troubles of life.

I like this new age, edgy, gritty direction that cinema in Tamil Nadu is taking. It's very refreshing.

The poem touches on some beautiful like Amrita Pritam's poem.


sift said...

love this song. thanks for putting it up. u are on a very different note in the last few months. has chennai given you a rebirth?

Happy heart said...


Thanks. But, I wonder what's wrong with criticism, esp if it would help in the making of a new society? Why don't you read my profile? :-)

@ Deepan

Thanks and u bet :-)

@ Moush

Thanks girl...will try to catch the movie you mentioned.

@ sift

Her Sai girl, where have you been? Thanks for the comment, and well, u can say that I have finally made peace with life. Or, at least, on that rebirth business ma, even one birth is too much to handle...;)

Anne said...

Hi.. Nice song is'nt it... adorable one.. Your translation work is quite inspiring!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

great song i would say... :)

even i've got fixation with some old hindi movies...

movies like... awaara, boot polish, sangam...

Sri said...

Amazing song!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hats off to Mottai! his collections are a pandora box.

Sri said...

Amazing song!!!! Hats off to mottai - his collections are a pandora box. His music is my all time assured companion in life :)

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