Brightly bright shining atop
In the dawn, between
Wakefulness and sleep
Deep inside they meander
Little droplets of color
Of joy, of hope, of love

Spiritedly springing in the air
On the yellow canopy
Covering the darkness
Of anger and misery
Tiny packets of laughter
Of memories, of whispers, of smiles

Ps: This was written for the bright amaltas tree that stands right opposite my bedroom window. Amaltas was one thing I thought I would miss in Chennai, but, is mysteriously beautiful in some ways. The tree is now in full bloom...:)


Sudhanthira said…
Life is so beautiful for the one who is ":)"
lovely !!!!! Moments !!!
Nithya said…
Here are my thoughts:
1. Well-written poem
2. Deep
3. Beautiful imagery
4. Love it. ;)

Dont look for parallelism, I will kill you! :D

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