In the Island of White Sand

In an island of white sand
Come wafts of greenery
The scent of dry blood
Washed and cleaned
Blemish free
Amidst a sandy bog
Of mush and memory
Of a lost world
A blur of a face
Erased out
By tears and words
Within a labyrinth
Of hidden thoughts
Forbidden freedoms
Come alight
In a heart of darkness
Poems and mysteries
Of real love, bound
And tied
Only to be set free
In the island of lost hope
To stamp out any remnant
Embers of life
Within white sands
And myrrh
and white cloth
That curtained
And ended
In the island of white sand
Where greenery wafts
Between death by cross
Or words
Left unsaid and undone


There is something very mysterious about this poem. Like a small jewel in the heart. I, the adventurer, cannot reach it.

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