It’s one of those lazy Saturday evenings where you are relaxing with not a care in the world, as the baby slumbers on and you are nursing a steaming cup of ginger tea. Many things come to mind at such divine moments; how long it has been since you’ve had a good, long night’s sleep without worrying about the unwashed clothes or dishes, when was the last time you danced in the rain, when did you last look out a speeding train and waved to the scenery flying past, and when was the last time you blogged? While I can’t do anything much to change most of the questions, I can do something about the last one. Yes, I can blog again. I can write again. Or should I? Or can I? Most of the time, the latter has stopped me from writing. Perhaps for reasons that escape words, I haven’t been able to write. Is it just ennui? Or, is it a deep seated pain that wouldn’t go away? Or, is it just good old laziness? I would never know…


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