Thursday, April 16, 2009

For a close friend and fellow traveler

The warm voice wafted through
In assurance of my sanity

The wicked laughter stole in
In accordance with tradition

The violent temper threatened
In defiance of structural compromises

The hard-earned, glittering red purse strings opened
In solidarity with the human cause

The tempestuous sea broke at the seams
In pursuance of great ideals and dreams

The choking umbilical cord cut late at the roots
In joining the ever thinning revolution of tomorrow


Sudhanthira said...

Please tell the world that this was written for me and my alone!!!!!!!!

Happy heart said...

ahahahha.....have u ever heard of the word, the proverbial, poetic silence!

Anonymous said...

One suggestion: I'd title the poem "Ever Thinning Revolution of Tomorrow". It's such a striking phrase. Well done! Made me think of Latin America! :P


Ta'fxkz said...

Good one- now write like this for me also

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