Strange Strangulations

Meandering deep within jungles runs many a rivulet
Knocking down rocks and debris left by the birthing of new life
A life breathing new, strange fragrance
Untouched by the world beyond, explaining the deepest jungle

Eking out an existence within a class lives many a life
Questioning control and hegemony left by the long gone property
A womb creating fresh, strange life
Unquestioned choice to produce and reproduce to the familial urge

Burning out the flesh of a high born lives many a low born
Attaining repugnance and decay left by texts authored by so-called gods
A strange beating of the sitting up, high-born corpse
Beaten to a pulp to accept subjection and unquestion humiliation


Ta'fxkz said…
you are getting there - just you are writing too little - and bring more perspectives no
diimaan said…
nice... :)

your getting better and better...
don't stop the flow, keep em coming...
You keep hitting a higher note with every post! This is one among the many high notes and many more to come..!!!

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