Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sy(E)mpathy for a Stranger

Bejeweled, painted hands and feet
Reddened parting, not with powder
Your blood, it is sister
Right foot in, to be counted in with pickle bottles

A university degree, or a school-leaving certificate
Written off as unnecessary, with sandalwood paste
Your hands, will only chop and cook
According to the rule book

Rice and lap don’t mingle, just as evening and tea don’t
The unpolluted gods may be angry
Not at the community suckling of an old widow
But, at the love for thy neighbor

A hundred sons for you, O blessed one
An inside-out curse, I say
Keep your eyes closed, head turned sideways
Tears shed only at hurt pride, not at a bleeding neighbor

May you live a thousand years to see
With my eyes
May you walk away one day
With my feet


Ta'fxkz said...

Holy Sacreligious Mother of All The Gods' adorable mistakes - erm bastards. This is the crown of all your writings i have ever read. Now go back to corporate presentations :P

Sudhanthira said...

U are getting just sooooooooooo amazing!!! Seriously!!

I am so PROUD to be ur sister/subject!!



LifeIs said...

nice stuff...looks like u have found a new talent

Nithya said...

Omigod! You are truly good. Where is this ire springing from dear?

राकेश said...

beautiful! I came to your blog after a huge gap. You write so good, I am thrilled now.

Best wishes

Sridevi Seshasayee said...

WoW! This is simply the best!!!!

Happy heart said...

Ta'fxkz: Thanks a ton, dear brother! ;) Well...coporate presentations are in a lull now!

Sudhanthira: Should I say am honored at having won a subject of such caliber!! hhahah!!

Lifels: Thanks yaar!

Nithu: Thanks dearie...where is it springing from, perhaps the experience of several women across the country.

Rakeshjee: Bahut Bahut shukriya, aur phir se aap mera blog dekhna ke liya mein abhari hoon. (Did I get all the Hindi right? :))

Sri: Thanku's all encouragement from all you guys:)

Anitha said...

Beautiful...yep pickle bottles, cooking, and hurt pride ;)

Anonymous said...

Heyy Hannah! Hmm looks like you exploring the one extreme option open to women! Very unique use of phrases! I like it! :D


Anonymous said...

is this a testimony to someone very close of urs? ;)

Happy heart said...

Anita: Thanks Anita; haven't seen you in ages...hope you are doing good!

Moush: Your words and yes your friendship too have been most encouraging and enriching dear girl..

Dii: Quite perceptive, I must say! But, it's a testimony to someone, but that person isn't necessarily close to me...:)

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