Monday, July 20, 2009

Don't, Yes, Don't, No

Don’t laugh, yes, don’t laugh
Not because it annoys me dry
But, cause it scares me
Each time your laughter chimes
In my ears
A million doors open
Doors, I have locked, never to open again
But, your laughter
Pries open my heart
Catches me unawares
Makes my eyes moist

Don’t talk, yes, don’t talk
Not because it bores me through
But, cause it opens my mind
Each time you talk
In my heart
A thousand rivulets start to flow
Dams, I had built, always to lock the flow
But, your words
That sound like poetry
Make me dream
As my lips curl into a silly smile

Don’t smile, no, don’t smile
Not because it disturbs me
But, cause it threatens to stay on me forever
As I walk
Your smile plays on my lips
Like a never ending song in my heart
A sweet song in my ears
As your smile becomes mine
Does mine become yours?
No, don’t laugh, don’t
Not because it annoys me dry…


Anonymous said...

WOW! You are good!

Truly mesmerising, happy heart. :)

Anonymous said...

Writing love poetry, while many think is easy, is not. I love the way the structure of the poem is circular. Repetitions and refrains, echoes, oppositions, surprise... wonderful use of all creative writing devices. :)


The Rain Crab said...

Enjoyed reading it!!!

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