Missing you…

Your gentle caress on my skin
As the dirt of the day eases out
The clear mirror that you were
As I looked into you before
I began my games with you
Warm, hot, lukewarm, cold
All the same
You brought me joy
You eased my pain
When will you be back?
Why have you left me?
My hair cries out for you
As each cell within my skin sobs
Come back, waters of heaven
Come wash me clean…
I long for you…
Wash me clean…

Ps: Nobody’s allowed to laugh! Yes, I have been down and have been kept confined to my bed, and hence this longing for, well…


Moushumi said…
Oye happy heart! No one is laughing! At least you have the guts to put this one up on a blog! My poems languish in dusty notebooks! :) It's a beautiful poem, a tad sentimental but then we are allowed our quirks na?

I like "skin sobs" a lot. We don't cry with our eyes. We cry with every cell in our bodies no?
Priya said…
A very nice poem!

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