Friday, July 10, 2009


Between door hinges, atop the window panes
I have hidden the keys to my house
As you stand knocking, the same strange
Smell of blood wafts through the hinge
Shutting up my ears, running helter skelter
Groping in the dark, finding more darkness
Human-shaped shadows
Hope-shaped jokes
Yet another crash awaits my house
Yet another thunder bolt
Your knock grows louder, as the first cracks start to appear
I hear your receding foot steps
Yet again, the doors have broken
Yet again, I lock my door alone
Struggling to hide the keys
Where there are no more hinges or windows
Where there is no more a house
Only keys to remind the house of dreams


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a Faiz Ahmed Faiz ghazal called "Tanhai". Ah! The heart is such a battleground, is it not?

Jai said...

On such moments, it is good to open the jar ajar, and go out to have a drink! Even shopping will do; it is intoxicating enough :)

Lovely poem; yet I must say, the dialogue is always within. So, I am merely an overwhelmed, deaf listener to the inward chants.

May peace be yours my friend.



Sridevi Seshasayee said...

Where does it come from, everytime you write, it feels like you have travelled and peeked into many hearts and souls...awesome !!!!! MAGIK !!!!!

Ta'fxkz said...

now you are bordering on classical tendencies- keep polishing for a more Hannah edge

Ta'fxkz said...

read this again, great

Anonymous said...

You write very well, happy heart... keep writing..

Happy heart said...

Moush: Now, that's really humbling! You win something more than the two Khadi Kurtas...;)

Jai: Thanks dear!

Sri: You are just too much! Thanks anyway dear. You get something more than one Khadi Kurta...:)

Ta'fxkz: I will work on ur advice, Rabboni, promise.:)But, one really doesn't plan when you want to write na...sometimes, just someone's word, or no words, a silence, or just an intake of breath makes me write...:)In anycase, will rem ur advice.

Anonymous: Thanks a ton; your words truly encourage...:)

Sudhanthira said...

wow wow wow!! Since when were u a poet? God!! Ur great akka!! Loved it loved it!

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