Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sickled Through!

When the lights dim
As a thousand stars light the dark sky
Your words lit the darkness that clouded my heart
Slowly, but surely
You nudged away the flickering light
Stationed yourself as my reading light

Was it a mistake?
A slip of your tongue.
An error in my understanding
Or in your lesson
Words from your mouth
Sweet nothings, faded, as the lights went out

A buzz you were in the depths of my heart
An imagination is what you think
Perhaps you are right
As always
Crashed yourself in
And walked away like none happened

Can you possibly know this?
Perhaps, never again
Will you take this road again.
I may be standing,
Please be informed, there’s no more me
For, you have sickled me through


Brian said...

Our life is a baggage of such lights and sights
that prepares us for similar fights.

It is the righteousness that shows the lights
in case of those ugly darkness sides.

I say: How dare you sickle me through?
'Cos I choose and define my own road through!

With each such darkness, I glow the light
that is lying deeeeeeeeeep in my chest.

Life is a bliss that gives me different tastes.

O! Lord! Help me light the light lying deep in my chest.

Happy heart said...

Good for you, Brian. :) And, thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

I can see your poetry evolve and this is the most mature one yet. But don't stop, go on...

Confessional poets milk their life for their art. I can see which path you take. The path taken by Sylvia Plath earlier. :D


Happy heart said...

hey moush...that's quite flattering...but u could hardly call me a confessional one...;) but, yea...i do get inspired...but, not yet, i guess...:)

Anonymous said...

Okie cool! Not confessional yet! :D


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