Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A moment to behold

A moment to behold
To treasure, to hold close
Dark skies, save a dollop of bright light
Grey clouds clearing slowly
As the waves heave and puff
Mirroring my heart
As my fingers feel the warmth
Of the memories
Of the sadness
Of the pain
Of the love
Of life ebbing away
Of life throbbing within
I close my eyes, holding the moment
As I let go the garb of childish whims
Shaken out of my cloak of fanciful dreams
As the clouds draw back
And the clear light of life emerges through
As the waves draw close
My heart smiles as it hears a new, strange voice
Of hope
Of reality
Of life
Of purpose


Anonymous said...

Oye! Looks like your back at work and that is why all this emotional hope shope poem, huh?


Happy heart said...

@ Robin


I would like to say am out of typhoid since it's the 3rd week, but no, not yet! I am eating something spicy, but the pic was taken at least 2 months ago.

@ Moush
Yea back at work...kya emotional hope sope...life mein rakha he ji! same old, boring life...one arduous journey!

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