Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Things to do while it’s raining cats and dogs outside

Basically, you must be in a room (preferably alone, an occasional company is also acceptable) with a warm bed that faces the TV and any musical instrument. Importantly, the room must have a window that allows you to stare at the rain.

Now that you are in the room, you can:

1. Read a nice little novel munching a pack of chips, listening to the rain.
2. Watch an interesting, riveting movie with a nice drink in hand (I mean tea, coffee, or juice ;)).
3. Cover yourself with a blanket and use a torch to read old letters.
4. Switch off lights and fans, open the windows, hear the rain, and lull yourself to sleep.
5. Listen to old rain songs, I suggest Illayaraja, and hope someone special calls; most often, this wish isn’t granted, so don’t hope this.
6. Switch off lights, cover yourself with a blanket, and stare at the rain, leaves, little insects, and the street light.
7. If you have a door that opens outside, write little poems on strips of papers and float them.
8. Lie on your bed and remember all those things you never wanna forget.
9. Call people; well, only those who will like to receive your call; this is again a sticky area, so tread carefully.
10. Draw/paint or hum a tune.

So, if guys can think of anything else that you can do, let me know.


Anonymous said...

I love #7 but I did #10. I painted. I use acrylics, which usually dries in 20 minutes but this one took hours! :D


saravana raja said...

thanks for enlightening the human kind with such unknown, ground breaking ideas.

Happy heart said...

Moush: Actually, I wish I could try 7 too...:)

Robin: Hey man...long time, huh! How are you? And, thanks for the goodies...:)

Saravana Raja: Hmm...Actually, such great ideas were borne out extreme commitment and hardwork, which only great minds like yours have deciphered! Thanks, and keep your comments coming in, buddy! :P Oh, btw, it's your first time on my blog...so, welcome..:)

Tumaini said...

standing in the corridor... staring at the opposite wall where water is dripping from the top... feeling the drizzle on the face...

slowly moving to the steps... dialing the phone (to gril friend, else just to any friend)... having a chat...

After an hour/a few mins (as the case may be.. ;)) returning to house... suggesting to make molaga bajji to mom... she shouting at you, "ya u keep eating oily stuff n put on more weight... no gilr will marry u... :["

But somehow convincing her... making a short walk in the rain (which we hardly do) to the nearby provision store...

coming back home... will make the hottest bajji n njoying it with the chuteny... standing near the doorway... n day dreaming!!!!

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