Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In the Eyes

Do eyes really speak a million stories?
Of the million moments
They traversed
Through the sandy waves of time

Of the smiles that lay buried
That refused to play
With the lips

Of the tears that lay heaped
That shied away
From the lashes

Of the wordless language
That communed to itself
And not you

Of the intoxication that spreads
Unslurred by reputation lords
Guarding the divine

Of the potent dreams that spin
Pain and poison and hope
In the grey tapestry of freedom


Anonymous said...

You are back to your romantic poetry! I will be honest: I feel like I have read this before, not the whole poem but the way it's put together. I was looking for some startling insight, which I didn't find. It's like some freshness is missing. Don't play it safe with the metaphors and similes. Push the boundaries a bit. Not all love poems need to be emotional. Someone once said you should write love poetry when you are not in love. As in, to write about love when you are not influenced by it. So you can take the chances that you wouldn't normally.


Jai said...

Can someone explain the last two stanzas to me... apologies for being poetry immune, but I am bad with the form itself, what to do!

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